SoftwareClub Audio Converter Extractor Max

SoftwareClub Audio Converter Extractor Max 2.1

Converts audio files between formats and extracts the audio from your videos
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Audio Converter Extractor Max is SoftwareClub’s solution to your audio conversion and extraction needs. It is a very simple and straightforward solution, which allows all types of users to combine any number of audio conversion and extraction tasks and execute them all on a single batch process. It supports various known and less-known audio and video file formats, including WAV, MP3, Ogg, ALAC, FLAC, AVI, MPEG, MP4, and WMV.

Everything takes place on the program’s one-window interface – an interface whose color pattern and compact design do not help much to ergonomic performance. Anyway, the interface is divided into three main areas that correspond to the three steps that it usually takes to convert one media file from one format to another. First, you need to select the files to convert, which can be any combination of audio and video files. The former will be converted into the output audio format selected, and the audio streams of the latter will be extracted and saved as audio files in the same output format. This selection takes place in step 2 – WAV, Ogg, WMA, and MP3 are the only output formats supported, though you can customize their main settings (sampling rate, bit rate, channels, etc.) to fit your needs. The list of input formats supported is longer, though, and it includes some of the most widely used lossless codecs, such as ALAC and FLAC. You can listen to any of the files on the conversion list using the program’s player, and that is as much as you can do before clicking on the “Convert All” button in step 3.

The conversion process is fast and it produces the expected results, always subject to the choices you made when customizing the output format settings.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports the most widely used audio file formats and some not-so-common ones
  • Extracts audio from all popular video file formats
  • Customizable output settings
  • Converts and extracts audio files in batches


  • The design and color of its user interface are not the most ergonomic
  • Allows you to select one output format only for all the files on the conversion/extraction list
  • Limited number of output formats
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